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Q: Is there a fee to use Mobile Banking, Mobile Apps

A: Mobile Banking and Mobile Apps are free of charge. Note that standard internet charges may apply depending on your carrier and service plan.

Q: What banking services may I access with Mobile Banking and Mobile Apps


  • Account Summaries
  • Account Transaction History
  • Transfers
  • Pay Bills
  • View Pending Bill Payments
  • Cancel Pending Bill Payments
  • View Bill Payment Histories

Q: I don’t have an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry. Can I still use Mobile Banking

A: Yes! Mobile banking is available on all mobile devices with an Internet connection.

Q: How do I download a mobile app

A: You may download apps from your phone’s app store or from your mobile device when you access the URL

Q: How do I access Mobile Banking

A: If you have First Flight Online Banking access (with a valid Member Number and Password/PIN) and a mobile device with an Internet connection you may access Mobile Banking. Enter the URL – – into the browser of your Internet-enabled mobile device and then log in using your First Flight Online Banking user name and Password/PIN.

Q: How does Enhanced Login Security work for mobile banking

A: Enhanced Login Security for Mobile Banking will either prompt you to retrieve (via Text) and enter a one-time passcode or you can select a link to answer challenge questions. Note: Mobile banking does not support one-time passcodes retrieved via Phone call or email because the mobile banking session ends once you switch over to your email or phone function. Receiving Text messages does not impact the mobile banking session and allows it to stay open while you receive the Text one-time passcode.

Q: What happens if I log in from an unregistered mobile device

A: If you previously set up (from a personal computer) the option to receive one-time passcodes via Text, you will be prompted to enter a one-time passcode (via Text). Or you can select a link in order to answer challenge questions. If you did not previously set up (from a personal computer) the option to receive one-time passcodes via Text, you will be prompted to answer challenge questions.

Q: Does Mobile Banking time out after being idle a certain amount of time

A: Yes. Mobile Banking and Mobile Apps all time out after 5 minutes of being idle.

Q: What’s the difference between a phone app and Mobile Web banking

A: The biggest difference you might notice is that apps tend to be quicker. The apps have all of the visual components already installed on the phone, meaning they only have to pull the data and not the graphics. The apps use less bandwidth of your data plan. Mobile Web access is still a graphically light option and loads quickly, so it doesn’t use much data bandwidth either.

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