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Put the equity you’ve built-up in your home to work with a Home Equity loan or line of credit from First Flight! With low closing cost options, great rates and terms, you can use the equity in your home to pay for college tuition, debt consolidation, computers or even a vacation. Our low rates and easy application procedures are also ideal when considering home improvement projects such as a pool, kitchen remodeling, or room additions.

In select situations, First Flight offers some Home Equity options that can even be completed without a traditional appraisal which could save you time and money! Ask a First Flight Member Service Representative for more information to find out if your application might qualify!

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Home Equity Lines of Credit

Borrow only what you need and pay it back over time at a rate that you can afford! Don’t need it right now? That’s okay- it will be there if you do!

  • No Closing Cost1
  • Borrow up to 90% of the value of your home.
  • Revolving line of credit that allows future advances up to the approved credit limit.
  • Variable rate, fixed term
  • Interest may be tax deductible*

Fixed Equity Loans

Finance big expenses at a low fixed rate and enjoy monthly payments that never change. Use our Mini Mortgage loan for various reasons – consolidate debt, home repairs, and more! For a limited time, we are offering no closing costs and financing up to 90% CLTV!2

You’ll also enjoy:

  • low fixed rate for the entire term
  • One time payout
  • Fixed term
  • No early repayment penalty
  • Interest may be tax deductible*

Important Terms of our Home Equity Line of Credit and Fixed Equity Loan:

1Certain credit criteria and balance requirements must be met and maintained for no closing cost offer. Hazard insurance required on all loans secured by real property. Flood insurance may be required. Appraisal fee is free only if loan is approved and disbursed. Appraisal fee will be reimbursed at time of disbursement. Owner occupied primary residence only. Promotional offers are available for new home equity line of credit loans only. APR= Annual Percentage Rate. Rates shown are the lowest rates offered for the products advertised. Other credit options available at higher rates. Applicants who do not qualify for these rates may be offered credit at a higher rate and/or different terms. Rates are subject to change without notice and are based upon the prime rate as reported in the Wall Street Journal. Maximum APR is 18%. Rate may change after consummation. Monthly payments are 1.5% of the balance. Membership eligibility may be required. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the deducting interest.

2Membership eligibility may be required. Promotional offer for no closing costs and 90% CLTV financing are valid as of 5/8/2020 for a limited time only and can end at any time. Appraisal fee is refunded only if loan is approved and disbursed. Offer does not apply to refinances of current loans with First Flight.

* Please consult your tax advisor regarding the deducting interest.

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