Personal Checking

We think personal checking should be, well… personal. That means you should be able to get the account that fits you, so check out the account details below! Once you pick the one that fits your needs, you can open your new checking account using one of these three simple options:

First Flight offers an array of checking account choices each enhanced with easy to use banking tools and other money saving benefits including BaZing’s local and national merchant network bringing you discounts where you live, work, or travel. With a First Flight checking account you can save money on shopping, dining, travel and more!

Products Basic Checking Value Checking Prestige Checking
Dividends Earned

check icon 6 (Up to 1.01% APY1)

check icon 5
BaZing Benefits check icon 4 Upgrade to full Bazing benefits for only $5/month
Non-First Flight ATMs

$2.00 per transaction

$2.00 per transaction

5 free per month (each additional $2.00 per transaction)

Free Bill Payment check icon 1 check icon 2 check icon 3
Mobile Deposit Free Free Free
Minimum Balance Requirements None None $5,000 combined share balance
Monthly Service Fees $3.00 (waived with direct deposit, loan, or under age 23) $5.00 $20.00 (waived with combined share balances of $5,000)

Included Services

All of our checking accounts come with great features like:

Our staff is ready to help you get started.

Purchase Rewards

Click, Shop, Enjoy!

First Flight’s checking accounts let you earn cash back on debit card purchases with no points, no coupons and no hassle. Purchase Rewards are an easy way to earn cash by doing what you are already doing. No special enrollment is required as long as you have a First Flight checking account, First Flight Visa Debit Card, and are a registered eBranch user. Simply check your online account history and activate offers from participating shops, restaurants, and more! When you shop at participating merchants and use your First Flight Visa Debit Card to pay, you will earn cash back. Once a month, we will deposit that accumulated cash into your First Flight checking account, it is that easy!

Questions? We have the answers!

What are Purchase Rewards? Purchase Rewards allows you to earn cash by using your First Flight Visa Debit Card to purchase merchandise and services. The program is available to all First Flight Visa Debit cardholders with a First Flight checking account. Through this program, you’ll receive targeted offers to earn cash on purchases based on how you shop. As a First Flight Visa Debit cardholder, there is no limit to the cash you can earn. So, the more you use your First Flight Visa Debit Card, the more offers you can receive, and the more cash you can earn!

Where can I view the offers? You can find offers on your First Flight eBranch home page or your mobile device using First Flight’s mobile app. New offers will be labeled as “New Offers” until you click to activate them. Once clicked, the offer is “loaded onto” the associated First Flight Visa Debit Card.

How do I redeem offers? Each offer is based on how you currently shop, so the offers that you receive are relevant! To redeem the offer, simply click on it to see the details; this automatically loads the offer onto your First Flight Visa Debit Card. Then shop at the specified retailer and pay using your First Flight Visa Debit Card to earn the cash. Each offer has different details regarding when and where to shop and how much you need to spend. Offers that require an online purchase are clearly specified and may include a redemption code. Please read the details to determine how to redeem each offer and start earning cash!

How long do I have to take advantage of an offer? Each offer has an offer period that was set by the merchant. You must redeem offers before the expiration date. The expiration date can be found in the details section of the offer by clicking on the offer.

When do I receive the Cash Back for the offers that I redeem? Your cash will typically be deposited to your account the month after you redeem the offer.

Mobile Wallet

Also known as contactless payments, Mobile Wallet allows you to store and manage your First Flight Visa Debit Card directly on your mobile device safely and securely! After loading your First Flight card onto your mobile device you can make purchases in store, in app, or online at participating merchants without the physical plastic card or without having to enter your card number. Each type of mobile wallet has a slightly different way to handle security however all mobile wallets secure your information by encryption or protected code offering a more secure way than presentingor carrying your physical card. Plus set-up can be done in seconds!

Apple Pay

Use Apple Pay and First Flight debit card topay the easy, secure and private way at hundreds of thousands of stores and participating apps. Rest assured, Apple Pay transactions are authorized with TouchID thumbprint security, Face ID or your passcode, and transactions never use your card number.

Google Pay

There is a lot to love about Google Pay. Like how it lets you use your favorite First Flight debit card at over a million locations in the U.S. Google Pay never uses your actual card number. Instead it uses a virtual account number so your card details and private info stay safe.

Getting started is as easy as:

1. Download the Google Pay app

2. Add your First Flight debit card- it’s as simple as snapping a photo

3. Pay confidently at over a million locations in the U.S.

Samsung Pay

Convenience and Coverage.

Samsung Pay makes paying with your phone fast, easy and convenient. Plus, it works almost anywhere you can swipe or tap to pay. Samsung Pay transactions are authorized with your fingerprint and use a digital identifier instead of your card number. And even if your phone is compromised, Samsung Knox technology encrypts your card info within a separate, secure data vault.

Simple to Set Up. Simple to Pay.

1. Make sure your compatible Samsung device is updated with Samsung Pay.

2. Take a picture of your First Flight debit card with your device’s camera.

3. Secure it with your fingerprint and backup PIN and you’ll be ready to go.

1APY= Annual Percentage Yield. APY is variable, is subject to change without notice, and is effective as of 7/1/2016. To qualify for the stated rate a member must use their First Flight debit card to make purchases a minimum of 10 times per given month. Promotional rate only available on the first $10,000; thereafter the rate will be calculated at the account’s non-promotional rate as stated in Truth in Savings. Membership eligibility may be required, Value checking account subject to a $5.00 monthly BaZing benefit fee.