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Privilege Pay & Overdraft Transfer

Sometimes unexpected expenses can contribute to budgeted funds falling a little short. The shortage of funds can potentially cause denied transactions which can result in an inconvenience. First Flight offers options that allow transactions including check, automatic draft, recurring debit card transactions and debit purchases to clear when funds may not be available in a checking account.

The following Overdraft Transfer as well as Privilege Pay services are available to assist during times whenthere is atemporary shortfall of funds.

  • Automatic Transfer– This service will transfer funds from a savings and/or line of credit when sufficient funds are not available in a checking account to cover checks and other types of automatic drafts. This service is offered immediately upon opening an account. By default, the following sequence will be utilized to transfer funds; pulling first from the Primary Share Saving account (S1), then any lines of credit to cover a transaction. There are options that allow a member to change the default sequence to move funds according to preferred preference.
  • Privilege Pay- This service offers coverage for inadvertent overdrafts when no funds are available in any accounts to cover transactions including ACH debits, checks, and recurring debit card transactions totaling up to $750*. This service is automatically offered on checking accounts after an account has been opened 45 days unless specifically opted-out during account opening or anytime thereafter.**
  • Enhanced Privilege Pay- This service requires an opt-in election in order to enjoy the full benefits of Enhanced Privilege Pay. Enhance Privilege Pay will cover up to $750* in debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals when funds are not available to cover the purchase(s) because of unforeseen or temporary shortfalls, honest mistakes and emergencies.

To opt-in to Enhanced Privilege Pay, or for more information about an overdraft option, contact us at 1-800-807-0766, or visit a Financial Center Location.

*Amount of available privilege pay funds are based on account criteria.
**See your account disclosures for full details regarding privilege pay on your account. A fee of $35 will be charged each time an overdraft is paid. Fees for privilege pay services are assessed per item, per occurrence. Overdraft privilege pay fees apply to withdrawals made by check, ATM, debit card, or automatic bill payments. Any negative account balances must be repaid within 45 days. Overdrafts are paid at the discretion of the credit union, which means it is not guaranteed that all overdrafts will be authorized and paid. If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft, your transaction will be declined.

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